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Hard drive malfunction, viruses, theft, fire and human error can and do happen to
computer systems. When these disasters occur, months or years of work, precious
pictures, documents, financial records, etc. can disappear in an instant, lost forever.

  • Constant Real-time 24/7 Backup (not a one-time nightly backup like others use)
  • Fully automated process with backups held on disk for easy file restoration
  • Secure transfer of encrypted data to an offsite data center, ensuring real-time 24/7
    backups are stored safely and remotely — whatever happens, your data is safe

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Most people still trust the backup of their most vital resource — their data — to a fragmented,
unreliable external hard drive (old technology). This is dangerous since that drive is just like
the one in their computer and will fail. Plus, it is in the same location as their computer.
So, whatever bad happens to the computer also happens to the external hard drive.

Backup needs to be far away in another secure location nowhere near the computer.

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