Protected Information Technologies, Inc.
We Use Powerful Cybersecurity and Enterprise IT Solutions to Keep You Safe in the Ever-changing Digital World

Computers / Information Technologies
Internet Security / Network Security / Information Security
.Com Email / Secure Computers and Laptops / Data Backup
Networking / Whole-house Wi-Fi / Encryption / Firewalls
Centralized Storage (Get To Your Files On Any Device)
Microsoft Exchange Server / File & Calendar Sharing
Virus & Spam Protection
/ Ransomware Protection

Audio / Video / HD Streaming / Security
Audio / Video / Home Theater / Satellite / Netflix / Pandora
Audio and Video Streaming
/ Media Rooms / Music Systems
See Security Cameras on Cell Phones, Tablets & Internet
Whole House Audio/Video w/ Control in Each Room
Home Control / Apple TV / Wireless TV Anywhere
Home Security / On-site Service

Internet Security / Network Security / Information Security

Exchange Server - Your Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Personal Folders and Notes Automatically Synchronized on All Your Computers, Tablet and Phone

.Com Email Without a Website

Networking / Wireless Networking / Remote Networking

Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Cell Phones- Your Data Is Securely Synced With All Your Computers and Tablets

Malware, Virus, Spyware, Spam and Adware Protection

Security for Computer, Email, Browser, Network and Internet

 Secure Off-site Data Storage Accessible on All Your Computers So You Can Get to Your Files No Matter What Computer You Are On

Ransomware Protection

Identity Protection

Encryption / Firewalls

Unlimited Real-time Secure Offsite Backup - Backup and Synchronizing of Your Files Every Minute 24/7 (Not a one-time nightly backup like everyone else does)

Operating System and Application Security Updates and Upgrades - Always be one step ahead of security threats

Secure File Sharing - Safely Share Files with Friends, Family and Business Associates with a Privately Generated Password

Upgrade to Fast Computers and Fast Networking at 1 GB Speed

Printer Sharing / Wi-Fi Printing / Cell Phone Printing and More

Secure Netflix / Secure High Definition Video Streaming

Secure Pandora / Secure Digital Audio Streaming

Music and Video Throughout the House and Outside with Control in Each Room, Sharing of Components, Video Server and More

Security Cameras Viewed on Cell Phone, Tablet, Computer, TV and Internet From Anywhere

Talk to Front Door or Gate Over Phone, See Person on Monitor, Unlock/Open Over Phone

Home Control Systems with In-wall Control Panels, Touch Screens and Touch Screen Remotes

Media Rooms, Dedicated Theaters and Concessions Lobbies

Hide Equipment in a Cabinet or Closet Out of Sight and Easily Operate While Doors Stay Closed

Thin High Definition 4K, LCD, Plasma and LED and BLED TVs

Dolby Digital ProLogic, AC-3, DTS and THX Surround Sound

Drop Down Screens and Projectors, Equipment Racks, Theater Seating, Lighting, Control Systems and Accents

High Definition Satellite, DVR and Blu-ray DVD

Apple TV

Wireless (No Cables) High Definition Television Anywhere

Equipment, Design, Systems and Installation

Universal Remotes with Lighted Touch Screens

Wire New Home (Prewire) or Existing Home (Retrofit)

On-site Service

Protecting you, your data and your identity is our top concern.

We keep up with the industry. We know what works and what is hype. We make sense of security, hardware, software, backup, networking, wireless, applications, anti-virus and email for you.

We can add to your existing equipment, design and install a whole house system or a dedicated theater- all easy to control.

You will be amazed at what we can do. You won't just watch TV anymore, you will become a part of the action.


We competed for the cover of Audio/Video Interiors (out of California — the "Architectural Digest" of our industry) with Planet Hollywood.
Guess who won?

Arnold Schwarzengger, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (top right corner of cover) …eat your hearts out. Just kidding. We are proud to be in such good company.

What they had to say about us.

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