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We have solutions for all your e-mail needs including virus, spyware, adware and spam protection, data backup, archiving, as well as security, firewalls and encryption.

We offer Exchange Server and wireless mailbox synchronization for everyone on the go. We support iPad and Windows tablets, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and more. We offer more wireless e-mail options than anyone else. We can keep you connected, synchronizing your phone, tablet and computers and protecting everything.


Compare Exchange Server to Gmail, Yahoo, Etc.

Exchange Server / Exchange Hosting

E-mail Archiving

  • Home
  • Business
   .Com E-mail
 ( without a web site)
  • Your Personal Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Web Site Name
   (Accessible from any computer anywhere)
  • Available in all the above
  • Get to your e-mail when you are away from your computer

Exchange Server
    -  All Computers, Tablets and Phones Always Synchronized Automatically
    -  Shared Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Files, etc.
    -  Reliable, Secure, Accessible From Anywhere, Redundancy, Backed Up

    -  Look More Professional with .Com Email

Exchange Server Features
  • No more unsafe, unreliable Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, Webmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • No more cheap looking Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, Webmail, Hotmail, POP mail, etc. Real .com domain e-mail adds credibility to your company and makes you appear larger, more professional, more reputable, more established, etc.
  • Professional reliable secure enterprise e-mail domain with as many customizable domain e-mail addresses to the .com address as needed
    • Example- your name@your, info@your, billing@your, etc.
  • Real-time synchronized e-mail, contacts, calendars, notes and folders to all computers (desktops and laptops) and wireless devices (cell phones and tablets including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows)
  • Enlarged mailboxes and scalable storage for as much space as you need. Never have to delete important e-mail again
  • Rich messages and calendars
  • Handle large attachments
  • Task management
  • Pop up reminders
  • Unlimited personal folders to organize e-mail
  • Public Folders (get to files from anywhere)
  • Disclaimers
  • Auto-responders
  • Secure webmail (so you can access mail, contacts and calendar from any computer anywhere in the world if you don't have access to your computer)
  • Automatic secure daily backup at the server level
  • 7-30 days retrieval of deleted e-mail, contacts, calendar items and public folders
  • Share contacts and/or calendars with those you give access
  • Email archiving available
  • See security below
Exchange Server Security
(Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, ATT, Hotmail, Webmail, POP mail, etc. has none of this)
  • Protected, secure .com domain Enterprise e-mail
  • Identity Protection for both HTTPS and HTTP websites, Facebook, Twitter, your contacts, your calendars, your files and your financial data
  • iMac, iPad and iPhone protection
  • Virus, worm and Trojan Horse protection for your e-mail, contacts and calendar
  • Spam protection for your e-mail
  • Adware protection for your e-mail
  • Hacker protection for your e-mail, contacts and calendar
  • Phishing protection for your e-mail
  • Encryption for your Internet connection
  • Encryption for your email
  • Maintainable and upgradable e-mail firewall (as new threats occur)
  • Front-end/backend redundant hardware architecture for SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, CPC, CPC over HTTP
  • Front-end/backend redundant hardware architecture for wireless connections
  • Backend protection from attack
  • All our exchange information stores run on backend servers which connect to an integrated EMC fiber-based Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) for triple redundancy
  • Boundary defense identifies and controls confidential, malicious or inappropriate e-mail from being sent (even by spammers) or received by your origination
  • Secure account provisioning and maintenance
  • Network security
  • Hardware and software based to monitor hacking, mail-bomb, virus, Trojan Horse and denial-of-service attacks
  • Physical security of facility 24/7
  • Physical security is handled by secure card-key access to facilities, requirement of personal photo ID, as well as lock and key access to server cages. In addition, the premises are controlled by a sophisticated on-site security infrastructure consisting of closed-circuit surveillance cameras and electronic tracking systems to ensure the highest level of physical security to the network

Exchange Server Network Diagram

Protected and Secure • Triple Redundancy

  • Two redundant data centers in different locations
  • Cyberguard firewall
  • Front-end/backend hardware architecture
  • Backend protection from attack
  • Data stored on backend servers connecting to Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) for triple redundancy

Get Synced

Send an e-mail from your desktop at work and find it in your “sent” folder on your laptop at home. Add a business contact using your Smartphone or Blackberry and find it later through your Webmail at your friend’s house. That’s the beauty of Hosted Exchange. Your e-mail accounts, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and even public folders and files are all stored and synchronized all of the time so that you can stay connected wherever you are.
More devices = more trouble? Not anymore.

Go Mobile

We can synchronize all major wireless devices to keep you connected:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise
  • Apple iPhone
  • Android Smartphones
  • Windows Smartphones
  • iPad, Android and Windows tablets

Collaborative messaging has become the #1 productivity application software today. The leading messaging and collaborative platform in use today is Microsoft Exchange Server. This makes your e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, folders, projects, etc. available to you on ALL of your computers and phones (work, home, laptop, Smartphone, Blackberry, etc.) and all the information is synchronized wirelessly (so it is always the same on all computers and phones, in real-time).

It could cost tens of thousands of dollars if you buy all the hardware, software and licenses needed for Exchange Server. We can now give it to you for a few dollars a month per mailbox (with NO purchase of hardware- e.g. server, network, router, etc.) with a new application called Exchange Hosting.

However, the power of Exchange does not come out of the box! Let us set up a tailored system for your unique needs that will save you money. Everyday, more individuals and companies recognize the value of outsourcing this service as a way to reduce cost and better allocate their limited resources without having to buy expensive hardware.

  • Enterprise-Class Messaging- Integrate E-mail, Calendaring, Contact and Task Management in one collaborative and secure workplace, available on-line and off-line. Coupled with Outlook, today's leading enterprise collaboration client, Exchange will provide you with the most powerful online and off-line collaborative platform ever. Enjoy the most scalable, reliable and manageable messaging and collaboration platform available.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to E-mail- Outlook Web Access provides users access from any Internet browser to e-mail, contacts, personal calendars, group scheduling, files and collaboration applications through a Web browser. The Outlook Web Access user interface is similar to the Outlook 2003 or 2007 user interface, and you can perform most of the same tasks as you would in Outlook.
  • Public Folders- Securely store data and share information. Create public folders to distribute information across your organization. Public folders can store messages and provide a general share point or personal storage location.
  • Collaborative Scheduling- Share calendars within your organization. Manage a calendar throughout the entire organization. Invite colleagues to meeting, check availability, reserve a conference room and more.
  • Task Management- Create tasks and to-do lists, assign tasks to others and notify them through e-mail. Check completion status.

We can create a shared database for your E-mail (private and shared), Phone Books/ Contacts, Calendars (private and shared), Attached and Shared Files, Public Folders, To-do Lists, Tasks, Meetings, Projects, Notes and more.

We can make this information available to you and your employees many different ways:

  • We can use Exchange Server (see above) and have all your information automatically the same on ALL your computers and phones all the time.
  • We can synchronize this data with your Smartphone or Blackberry. This way the data on your computer and on your phone is always updated between the two. The great thing is that you can have current data with you when you leave your home/office. You can then add to, edit or delete data while out and your changes are automatically updated with your back to your computer.
  • We can create a shared database in your home/office for all the computers. Then everyone has access to the same current (updated) shared information for phone books, calendars, files, appointments, tasks, notes, etc.
  • We can also create an Internet based database so you and your employees can use it at any time, no matter where you are (see above).

This way you and your employees are always organized. Everyone has shared synchronized (real-time) information when they need it- no matter where they are.

No more lugging around that old DayTimer that never gets updated, missed appointments, etc. You always have everything you need, anywhere. This makes everyone's life easier.

E-mail Archiving & Compliance Solutions

Every year, 43% of computer users loose valuable e-mail. Where's the best place to keep your e-mail? Somewhere far, far away. We can keep your e-mail safe no matter what sort of disaster strikes your computers.

Archiving and Compliance helps small and medium-sized businesses address their unique business continuity, data retention, corporate governance and regulatory compliance demands. We have a secure, redundant, all-in-one Archiving and Compliance Solution. We provide complete support for your specific e-mail archiving and compliance needs.

Most e-mail systems were never intended to be repositories for high-volume, long-term storage. Managing this data in a structured, auditable way has become a significant challenge. We offer a complete archiving and compliance solution to help you implement your corporate and regulatory compliance policies. We can help you tailor your program to meet your specific needs.

We offer a full-featured e-mail archiving and compliance solution that records and monitors all of your company's e-mail communications. This solution provides a highly scalable platform, specifically engineered to assist your business with the stringent compliance requirements for e-mail recordkeeping.

Scalable   •   Full-Featured   •   Customizable   •   Complete Solution

No Tapes, No CDs... No Hassles

No more worrying about broken tape drives or waiting around for backups to complete. No more fumbling for lost media or hours wasted simply trying to recover a single lost file. Restore data easily.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Hosted Exchange Server capturing incoming, internal and outgoing e-mail messages
  • Defines and implements retention and expiration policies
  • Archives e-mail
  • Imports legacy and existing e-mail, and consolidates both together within one archive
  • Secures end-to-end National Security Association (NSA) level encryption for highest protection of e-mail records

The Advantages of Archiving
  • Automatic: Means no need for hands-on administration.
  • Provides Peace of Mind: You are sure that your data is always secure and available when needed.
  • Security: Storage and transport of business critical information utilizes state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure- without the need for tapes, CDs, or hardware, keeping IT costs low.
  • Scalability: While other archiving providers are limited by storage constraints, We have the ideal solution for any person or any size business, from small to large.
  • Advantage: No added hardware capital expenditure, no impact on existing infrastructure, and no resource-intensive software upgrade cycles add up to a significant cost savings over local in-house archiving solutions.

Security - Data Encryption and Other Security Features Help You Rest Easy

128-bit SSL encryption safely protects your data during transport. To secure data during storage, users have the option to encrypt with either 448-bit Blowfish technology or create their own private key with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. The solution has integrated industry-leading access management and key management security features. Near continuous data protection means the service automatically detects and backs up new and changed files every two hours.

Enterprise-class Archiving Features

The service is packed with features you expect only
from full-service archiving solutions.

Version (snapshot) support gives users the option of
restoring from multiple file versions up to 30 days in
the past.

  • Data archive solutions & support for all versions of Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista)
  • Archiving is automatically done in the background. There is nothing you need to do.
  • Safe and secure online archiving services- online data is encrypted with a unique encryption key assigned to you and backed up at the online data center
  • No capital cost - save hundreds or thousands of dollars on software, archiving hardware and tapes with our online backup services
  • No more backup tapes - no more scheduling, managing or swapping tapes
  • No ongoing management cost - no archiving operator or network admin
  • Self-healing option for full online data archiving users - can be used to self-heal operating system problems
  • Data archiving solutions with minimized bandwidth usage - delta block technology, file compression and send-once technology streamline transmissions
  • No more offsite storage or storage costs of tapes
  • Anytime & Anywhere online data access - 99.9% uptime record

End-user Experience

You will appreciate the simple, easy-to-use design of the service, including:

  • Easy Retrieval: Retrieve easily from a Web interface.
  • Standard or Customizable Archiving Sets: Archiving sets have been pre-built for the most common file types. By default, each of the predefined backup sets that pertain to your files will be selected for backup.
  • Archive Rules: We create customized rules that help manage what users and groups are permitted to archive. Exclusion lists, file types, file sizes, and last updated features are easily configured to your specifications.
•   Secure
•   Scalable
•   Full-Featured
•   Customizable
•   Easy to Use
•   Complete Solution
•   No Capital Costs

          .Com E-mail          Webmail          Exchange Server

Wireless E-mail and Internet


If you don't have e-mail, we can create an e-mail account for you, all the members of and your family and company. We will set up everything on a very reliable mail server.

We will set up your computer, laptop, Smartphone or Blackberry and configure it to automatically check for new mail and synchronized your e-mail, contacts and calendar on all your computers and phones. This takes out all the guess work and don't have to wait for your mail.

We can also give you wireless access for sending and receiving e-mail, browsing and searching the Internet, news, sports, weather, stocks, financial, business, entertainment, maps, travel, shopping, yellow pages, etc. using a Smartphone, Blackberry or a laptop from anywhere.

It is the ultimate freedom to go and come when you please, opening up new possibilities not possible before. It is perfect for our busy on-the-go world today.

We can also set up .com e-mail in your name without a web site as well as give you webmail that you can access from any computer (not just your computer) anywhere in the world. We will train you on everything. See sections below for more information.

E-mail          .Com E-mail          Webmail          Exchange Server

 .Com E-mail


First of all, your e-mail address will never change again. It is such a hassle to change e-mail addresses every time Internet providers change (giving out your new address, missing mail, hoping everyone makes the change, etc.). It just makes sense, your .com e-mail address is easy for everyone to remember (after all- it is your name) and it will never change. Think about it.

We can create a .com e-mail address (branded e-mail address) in your name (e.g., company name ( or you web site ( Don't worry, you don't need to have a web site to have your own .com e-mail address. We can do everything for you that is listed in the .com e-mail and webmail sections. Continue reading for all of the exciting possibilities.

Of course, if you already have a web site (or we create one for you, see Web Design) we can tie all the mail functions described below (plus others) to your web site and open up a whole new world for you, your clients and your employees.

Promote yourself or your company at no additional cost with every e-mail you send. See the benefits of having .com e-mail below. It makes a statement when you have your own .com address. We will forward your existing e-mail from your old mail address to the new .com address as long as you want (so you won't loose mail going to your old address). We will then inform everyone of your new .com e-mail address.

We can set up personal mailboxes for as many names as you need for home or business. We will assign security codes and passwords to protect your privacy. We can also set up departmental mailboxes such as, and whatever else you want before your .com name (it is limitless).

We can also attach your business card(s) to all of your outgoing mail- very professional. We can also send duplication of any individual or departmental mail to whomever you like or whatever company departments you need- automatically. We can send mail to multiple computers (your office, your home, your laptop, etc.) so it is always accessible- no matter where you or your employees are.

There are even more possibilities that you may not be aware of. Give us a call.

E-mail          .Com E-mail          Webmail          Exchange Server



We can set up Webmail for you. This will allow you, your family and employees to easily read, send and receive e-mail from any computer (not just your personal computer). This can be done from anywhere in the world.

The best thing about our Webmail is that you use your regular e-mail address (unlike Hotmail where you need a different e-mail address). When you use Hotmail, you are not getting the mail sent to your regular e-mail address. With Hotmail, People never know which address to use when sending mail to you. It is too hard for you (and everyone else) to try and keep up with two different e-mail addresses. Our Webmail solves all of that and makes it easy for you to stay in touch all the time- no matter where you are.

You don't need your mail program or your Internet browser. All you need is access to the Web. You can now travel light. You don't have to carry around your laptop anymore. Just use any computer wherever you are (another office, hotel, etc.).

We can also set up a web accessible database of your:
  • E-mail
  • Phone Books / Contacts
  • Calendar / Appointments
  • To-do Lists
  • Files
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • more

This database can be accessible only to you or can be shared with family, employees, etc. Now everyone can be on the same page (for the first time) all over the planet...for free.
This way you, your family and employees can always have access to the information you need, when you need it.

Everyone can now stay organized. No more lugging around that old DayTimer that never gets updated. You will no longer miss appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries or anything else that is important to you.

The world has changed. We'll help you keep up and make things easier.

E-mail          .Com E-mail          Webmail          Exchange Server
Exchange Server Provides Secure E-mail, Recover Deleted Mail/Contacts
Shared Contacts and Calendars, Backup and Virus/Spam Protection

Personal E-mail
  - for Individuals
  - for Business
Wireless E-mail and Internet
  - using a Smartphone or Blackberry
  - using a laptop
  - for Individuals (Private)
  - for Individuals (Shared)
  - for Business (Private)
  - for Business (Shared)
  - for Business (Departments)
  - for .Com E-mail
  - for Web Sites
.Com E-mail Without a Web Site
  - for Individuals
  - for Business
  - for Web Sites
Shared Contacts
Shared Calendars
Webmail for Individuals
  - for Individuals (Private)
  - for Individuals (Shared)
Webmail for Business
  - for Business (Private)
  - for Business (Shared)
  - for Business (Departments)
Virus Scanning
  - All Incoming Mail
  - All Outgoing Mail

Spam Filtering and Protection
Spyware Removal and Control
Adware Removal and Control
Daily Backup
Web Based Database
  - for Individuals (Private)
  - for Individuals (Shared)
Web Based Database
  - for Business (Private)
  - for Business (Shared)
  - for Business (Departments)
Domain (Branded) Accounts
  - for Individuals
  - for Business
  - linked to Web Sites
Routing/Forwarding E-mail
  - to Your Existing Mailbox
  - to New Mailboxes
  - to Multiple Mailboxes
  - to Departmental Mailbox
Copying E-mail to whomever
  - Copies Concerning
  - Blind Copies
  - Departments
Recover Deleted E-mail, Contacts and Calendar Items
Registry Cleanup and Maintenance

Exchange Server, Secure E-mail, .Com E-mail and Webmail
Recover Deleted Mail, Contacts and Calendar Items
Backup and Virus/Spam Protection

.Com E-mail
A proprietary e-mail address reflecting your name or company name has clout. It says you are serious and that you are a professional. Using an e-mail address of an Internet provider (AOL, Yahoo, your phone company, etc.) shows that you are not in control of your e-mail. If you have a small company, a .com e-mail address will make your company appear larger.

Wireless E-mail and Internet
Using a palm pilot or a laptop, you can send and receive your e-mail from anywhere at any time, without the hassle of having to find a telephone jack, connecting wires, dialing in, etc. You can also browse and search the Internet, check news, sports, stocks, financial news, shop, access yellow pages, etc. This is the ultimate freedom to go and come as you please. It also gives you access to what you want and need that is not possible with dial-up (when you are not around a a telephone jack, it is in use, etc.).

Exchange Server
This makes your e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, folders, projects, etc. available to you on ALL of your computers (work, home, laptop, PDA, etc.) and all the information is synchronized (so it is always the same on all computers, in real-time). Examples would be: when you get a new e-mail- it appears on all computers and when you delete it- it is deleted on all computers. Or, when you add an appointment to your calendar or a contact to your address book- it appears on all computers. Further, you can also access all your information from any other computer (does not have to be one of your computers) over the Internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Our webmail allows you, your family and your employees to read, send and receive e-mail from any computer anywhere in the world using your regular e-mail address. This way you don't have to lug around a laptop to stay in touch. Also, there is not a different e-mail address for people to remember (as is the case with Hotmail- which means you then are not getting your regular mail and have to wait to get back to your computer for that). Our webmail is your regular e-mail. There is no additional cost. It is like getting a free e-mail account that is accessible everywhere.                             

Reduces advertising, printing and distribution costs
When you use a branded e-mail address, you are automatically promoting yourself and your company every time you send out or respond to an e-mail at no additional cost. It is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to get your name out there. It also encourages people to go to your web site- just to see what you are about. More information below.

Levels the playing field in today's competitive markets
Companies, both big and small can compete on equal ground. With branded e-mail, a small company can appear to be larger.

Start up costs for an Internet presence are low, the possible returns are limitless
It does not cost more to send out a branded e-mail than a regular e-mail (keep in mind this is worldwide). You have got to have and use e-mail anyway. It only make sense to take it to the next level. Nothing else can do so much for you for so little, so easily, so consistently, year after year.

Strengthens you existing markets
Branded e-mail promotes confidence and says you are a serious and committed player.

Expanding into new markets
Your can target a rapidly growing base of potential new clients just by using branded e-mail in your daily correspondence.

E-mail          .Com E-mail          Webmail          Exchange Server

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