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On-site One-on-One Training on the Most Recent Version of the
Following Operating Systems, Programs and Applications:

Windows Operating Systems
Windows XP Home  •  Windows XP Professional  •  Windows Vista Home  •  Windows Vista Business  •  Windows 7 Home  •  Windows 7 Professional  •  Windows 8 Home  •  Windows 8 Professional  •  Windows 10 Home  •  Windows 10 Professional  •  Windows NT Server  •  More

Netscape Messenger
  •  America On Line  •  Outlook  •  Outlook Express  •  Exchange Server  •  Exchange Hosting  •  E-mail on iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone or laptop  •  Emailing files, pictures and attachments

Microsoft Internet Explorer  •  Google Chrome  •  Mozilla Firefox  •  Wireless Internet on Blackberry, Smartphone or laptop

Digital Cameras
Taking Photos
  •  Uploading Photos into Computer  •  Editing Photos
Creating Files to Organize Photos
  •  Printing Photos  •  E-mailing Photos  •  etc.

Word Processors
Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2010
  •  Microsoft Word

Labels, Envelopes, Mailing Lists, Mail Merge
Creating, Editing, Printing, Mailing labels, Envelopes, etc.

Smart Phones
  •  Internet (Browsing and Searching the Internet, News, Sports, Weather, Stocks, Financial News, Business News, Entertainment, Movie Listings, Maps, Travel, Shopping, Yellow Pages, etc.) GPS  •  Contacts/Phone Books   •  Calendars/Schedules  •  To-do Lists  •  Notes  •  Memos  •  Update and synchronize all your data with your computer

Personal Information Managers
Microsoft Outlook
  •  Isbister Time and Chaos  •  Palm
Phone Books, Contacts, Appointments, Task Lists, To-do's, Notes and more that can share information and all work together, remind you of important things to do, dates, appointments, etc. as well as sync to your Palm Pilot and computer's database or be accessed over the Internet

Financial Programs
Quicken 2000
  •  QuickBooks 2000  •  QuickBooks Pro 2000  •  Quicken 2002

Electronic Banking
Paying bills
  •  Writing checks  •  Automatic mailing of checks by bank (no more handwriting checks, envelopes, stamps, post office, etc.)  •  Checking on account balance  •  Transferring funds between accounts  •  Reconciling accounts  •  Investment Portfolios  •  Stock Trading  •  etc.

Slide Shows
Microsoft Power Point
  •  Microsoft Publisher  •  Kodak Photo Software
Include photographs, graphics, clipart, text, etc.
  •  E-mail slide shows

  •  OCR  •  Editing
Saving, attaching and e-mailing files  •  etc.

Microsoft Excel

Remote Networking
Mobile Networking
  •  GoToMyPC  •  LapLink  •  LapLink Everywhere  •  ProComm
Dialing into your office or home computer from anywhere on the road, creating, working on, updating, transferring and synchronizing your files, checking your office e-mail, accessing your office phone books and contacts, as well as remote control of another computer

  •  Microsoft AutoMap
Automatically drawing and printing of a map with detailed directions, mileage, etc. to any address

Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Publisher
Creating banners, greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, business cards, letterhead, calendars, flyers, business forms

Intranet (Interoffice Network)
Microsoft Office 2000
  •  Microsoft Outlook  •  Isbister Time and Chaos
Sending interoffice e-mail, sharing files, documents, calendars, to-do lists, notes, databases, etc.

Intuit TurboTax (Home and Business)

Data Backup
Online Backup
Data Storage
Data Archiving
File and system backup, storage, archiving, backup file restoration, etc.

Connection configuration, protocols, multiple computers sharing a single high speed DSL connection, remote administration, static and dynamic IP Addresses, etc.

Cabling, plugs, jacks, hubs, switches, access, users, mapped network drives, mapped network printers, etc.

Network Protocols
Ethernet  •  DHCP  •  IPX/SPX  •  TCP/IP  •  PPPoE  •  NetBEUI  •  NDISWAN  •  more

Video Conferencing
VDO Phone
  •  Web Cams  •  VOIP
Free long distance 2 way video conference calls

Training on other programs and applications available.

Training on hardware and systems also available.

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