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Network Administration  Enter Here

Networking Products and Services:

We can design, configure, install and protect the following types of
networks for your specifics needs and applications. We can
also manage, maintain and service your entire network.

Local Area Networks (LAN)
  •  Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Wireless/Wi-Fi Networks  •  Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Peer-to-Peer  •  Client/Server
  •  Remote Networking
10 Base-T  •  10 Base-T/100 Base-T  •  100 Base-T
Cat 5
  •  Cat 5E  •  Cat 6  •  Cat 6E  •  Structured Cable
High Speed 1000 Base-T (Gigabit)
  •  Prewire  •  Scalability
Wireless Network/Wi-Fi Security  •  WEP  •  WPA  •  WPA2
TKIP Encryption
  •  AES Encryption  •  256 bit Encryption
  •  iPhone, iMac and iPad Protection

Internet  •  Intranet  •  Ethernet
  •  Integrated Systems
Tiered Architecture  •  Open Architecture  •  Closed Architecture
Dynamic IPs  •  Static IPs
 •  Domains  •  Network Storage

We sell, install and service all major brands of computer,
server, network and connectivity equipment.
  Network Cards              PCMCIA Cards            Portable Storage               USB Hubs     
     Wireless Access              Routers/Hubs            Gigabit Networks           Network Storage   
Managed Switches             Cables/Etc.                Print Servers              Specially Items 

 •  Desktops  •  Tablets  •  Workstations  •  Servers
Shared Network Printers  •  Wireless Printers  •  Photo Printers
Print Servers
 •   Wireless Access Points  •  Wireless Boosters
Network Interface Cards (10, 10/100, 100 and 1000 Mbps Speed)
Hubs (Ethernet/USB)  •  Backbones  •  DSL Routers  •  DSL Gateways
Switches (Managed, Unmanaged, Modular, Stackable and Fixed-
all up to High Speed 1000 Base-T Gigabit)
  •  Firewalls
Very Small Portable Storage  •  Network Storage  •  Internet Storage
Backplanes (Active and Passive)  •  Primary and Secondary Controllers
Tape Backups
 •  Tape Backup Media and Software  •  KVM Switches

Memory  •  CPUs/Processors  •  Tower and Rack Chassis
Hard Drives  •  Pullout Hard Drives  •  Media Bay Hard Drive Cages

Thin Flat Panel Monitors w/ Speakers Built-in  •  CD/DVD ROM/RW Drives
Power Conditioning, Surge Protection and Backup (see below)

Wireless/Wi-Fi Networks
We can install, service and protect all aspects of wireless/Wi-Fi networks
from secure e-mail and Internet to encryption and firewalls for
completely secured wireless networking, file sharing and printing.

E-mail and Internet Using Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
Wireless/Wi-Fi Networks for Home and Business
Wireless Network/Wi-Fi Security WEP WPA
TKIP Encryption  •  AES Encryption  •  256 bit Encryption
Firewalls  • 
iPhone, iPad and iMac Protection
Wireless Desktops  •  Wireless Printing
Share One DSL Connection for Entire Home or Office
Wireless Sync of E-mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks
Wireless File Sharing  •  Wireless Database Sharing
Wireless Photo/Presentation Sharing
Wireless Remote Networking over the Internet to
access your home or office computer from anywhere
Also see Wireless Computing / Internet / E-mail
Also see Wireless Standards A Vs B Vs G

Corporate and Network Servers and Workstations
Server/Workstation Licenses

We create efficient, fast, secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure,
make everyone more productive and deliver more applications, while
protecting your data and keeping viruses, spyware and adware out.

Multi-purpose Servers

We can design, build and configure a single versatile multipurpose
Windows Server for all you specific needs (in any combination
of the below single purpose applications) in all price ranges for
1 to 50 users, 51 to 100 and 100+ users.

Single-purpose Servers
We can design, build and configure dedicated servers for specific
applications that can be used in a standalone or add-on
as your particular needs, business and number of employees grow.

Exchange Server  •  Exchange Server Hosting
File Servers  •  Application Servers  •  Mail Servers
Internet Servers
  •  Intranet Servers  •  Print Servers
Collaboration Servers
  •  Encryption  •  Database Servers
Firewalls  •  Remote Access Servers  •  Data Backup Servers
Data Storage Servers  •  Web Servers   •  Network Servers
Corporate Server Virus Protection that Protects All Workstations
Stand-alone Virus Protection Servers
(for all incoming and
outgoing mail, files, applications, operating systems and the
network with automation centralized virus inoculation
database updating and distribution to all workstations)

Network Administration  Enter Here

.Com E-mail

We can setup, secure, integrate and maintain all your e-mail so it is
available to you on your Smartphone, iPhone or Blackberry, tablet,
laptop, desktop or from any Internet browser for when you don't have
access to your equipment AND everything is synchronized in real-time.
.Com E-mail (with or without a web site)
Webmail- send/receive e-mail from any computer, not just your
computer, by using a web browser such as Internet Explorer
Virus Protected E-mail (all incoming and outgoing e-mail on your
computer as well as all computers on your entire network)

Also see Wireless Standards A Vs B Vs G

Exchange Server
Exchange Hosting

Your same e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, folders,
projects, etc. are synchronized and available to you on ALL your
computers (work, home, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc.) and phone.
Also see Exchange Server / Exchange Hosting

All your information is synchronized in real-time
(so it is always the same on all your computers)
Access all your information using someone else's
computer over the Internet using web browser

E-mail and Contact Sharing
Calendar, Notes and Tasks Sharing
File and Project Sharing
Application Sharing
Multiple-user Applications

We can install, configure, and manage all your individual
and shared applications, permissions and file security.
We can sync your e-mail inbox, contacts, outbox, deleted items,
saved mail, etc. so it is always the same at all your computers in
real-time. You can also access everything over the Internet from
any computer using just a web browser (e.g.- Internet Explorer).

E-mail Sharing   •  File Sharing  •  File Permissions  •  Software
File Security  •  Software Licensing  •  Application Sharing
Internet and Network Shared Phone Books, Calendars, Notes,
Tasks, To-do's Lists, Files, Projects, etc.  •  Multi-user Applications

Also see Shared E-mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Files

We can install and configure a high speed wideband DSL
connection. We can also share this one connection with all the
computers in your home or office that will save you thousands
of dollars in monthly fees (you pay for only one computer).

DSL  •  ADSL  •  IDSL  •  SDSL  •  DSL Routers
Share One DSL Connection for Entire Home or Office

Printer Sharing
We sell, install, network and service all major brands of printers.
We can share your printer(s) to everyone on your network.

InkJet Printers  •  BubbleJet Printers  •  Laser Printers
Color Printers  •  Color Laser Printers  •  Photo Printers
Portable Color Battery-powered Printers for Laptops
Combination Color Printer/Fax and Printer/Fax/Scanner
Shared Printers  •  Network Printers  •  Wireless Printing
Centralized Printing   •  Print Servers

Data Storage
Data Security
Data Recovery
We can add secure additional storage to your computer(s).
We can create dedicated expandable storage as your needs grow.
We can make secure shared expandable storage available to
everyone on your network. We can provide secure Internet storage.
We can also provide very small size portable storage that you can
carry in your pocket, that can hold the equivalent of 40 floppy disks.
We can also recover deleted, lost or damaged/corrupted data.

Storage Hub Online Backup  Enter Here
Unlimited Secure Encrypted Firewalled Automatic Real-time Backup
Unlimited Everything: Unlimited Number of Users, Unlimited Space
and Unlimited Number of Computers, iPads and Cell Phones

Automatic Real-time Backup  •  Secure File Sharing w/ Private Password
Firewall Protected  •  Connection Encrypted  •  Data Encrypted
Secure Web Access from Any Computer, iPad or Cell Phone
Automatic Synchronizing of All Computers  •  Briefcase
Photo Editing  •  Video Streaming  •  Music Streaming
Office and Photo Applications for iPad and Cell Phone
37 Redundant Tier 4 Data Centers in 11 Countries

Data Backup, Protection and Migration
We can install multiple hard drives that will automatically copy
everything on your original hard drive for redundancy and backup
to protect your mission critical data from hard drive failure.
You never have to do a thing- it is always being done 24/7.

Data Backup  •  Data Backup Drives  •  Data Protection
Data Archiving  •  Drive Mirroring  •  Data Redundancy
Data Migration  •  RAID 6 Data Centers  •  Data Striping
Hot Swapping Drives  •  IDE Controlling  •  Fault Tolerance

Network Administration  Enter Here

Workstation Updates  Enter Here

Remote Access
Remote Control
Remote File Transfer

We can give you access to your computer from anywhere.
Also see Shared E-mail, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Files

Virus Protection
Spyware Protection
Spyware Removal
Adware Removal

We can virus protect your computer, network and entire
office with automatic updated virus inoculations.
We can also keep you free of damaging spyware and adware.
Workstation, Server, Incoming and Outgoing E-mail and
Network Virus Protection with Automatic Virus Inoculation
Database Updating and Distribution throughout entire
network every hour
Also see Virus Protection and Virus Removal Services

Surge Protection
Power Outage Protection
Workstation, Server, Network and Modem Surge Protection
Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply for Servers and Workstations
that provide backup power for hours and also automatically
perform a safe shut down of computer when main power fails
Power Conditioners  •  Power Backup  •  Power Management

Protocols  •  Firewalls  •  Gateways  •  Encryption
Wireless Network/Wi-Fi Security  •  WEP  •  WPA  •  WPA2
User Name and Password Administration for Local Area Network,
Virtual Private Network and Remote Networking
Security Administration  •  Remote Administration
Data, Virus and Power Protection (see above)
Network Administration  Enter Here
Power Protection and Backup (see above) 
Surveillance Cameras (seen on any/all televisions in full
screen or any combination of split screen)
Time-lapse, time-coded Recording
View Cameras Over Internet From Anywhere
Talk to Person at Door/Gate Over House Phone 
Electric Door/Gate Locks Opened Over Phone

Transport Protocol Integration and Management
Ethernet  •  DHCP  •  IPX/SPX  •  TCP/IP  •  PPPoE
  •  NDISWAN  •  more

  •  Prewire  •  Connection to Existing Cabling (if applies)
Terminations  •  Plugs  •  Jacks  •  Interconnects  •  Trim Out
Hardware Installation
  •  Hardware Configuration
Software Installation
  •  Software Configuration
  •  Protocol Installation  •  Protocol Integration
Security  •  Verification Testing
  •  Training

On-site Service
  •  Technical Support  •  Telephone Support
Software Installation
  •  Software Configuration
Software Upgrading
  •  Hardware Repairs and Service
Network Administration  Enter Here


Design  •  Installation  •  Integration  •  Administration
 •  Home and Office  •  Service
Update Existing Network  •  New Installation

Network Administration  Enter Here

Workstation Updates  Enter Here


Other Networking Products and Services Available

Other Information Technologies Services Available

Network and Security Administration (Tier 3)

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 Enter Here
 Enter Here

Monthly Network and Security Administration

1. Deploying, configuring and monitoring all equipment, networks and
pathways in the server network* for 100% operation and uptime. Monitoring redundant equipment, redundant network and redundant pathway for same.

2. Reviewing monthly server event, security, network and history
logs and responding accordingly.

3. Reviewing monthly spam reporting and logs from spam filtering provider and responding accordingly. Updating Black Lists for questionable, dangerous and unwanted senders.

4. C
learing and resetting all reporting logs for the next month after completion of work needed to correct problems from the previous month and verification the issues were resolved.

5. Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Servers) / Webmail Server (Outlook Web Access) administration including provisioning the network, mailbox set up and maintenance, configuring, setting and adjusting security policies, setting and maintaining user permissions, sharing of client database to authorized users, configuring mailbox size limit for each user and monitoring of available mailbox space for each user.

6. Ensuring server anti-virus is running. Downloading and installing new server virus definitions.

7. Ensuring server anti-spam is running. Downloading and installing new server spam parameters.

8. Ensuring identity protection is running. Downloading and installing new identity protection parameters.

9. Ensuring archiving protection is running. Downloading and installing new archiving parameters.

10. Ensuring triple redundancy of client data in multiple locations [Backend Servers, Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)] is running.

11. Ensuring server bi-directional firewall with intrusion protection is running and functioning correctly.

12. Maintaining Remote Networking leases and making monthly payments to ensure no service is interrupted.

13. Monitoring and ensuring all operations of third-party providers are functioning correctly and that each is functioning in harmony with the others. Making monthly payments to all providers to ensure no service is interrupted.
     Third-party providers are:
          1. Domain Registrar
          2. Dynamic Name Server (DNS)
          3. Domain Host
          4. E-mail Exchange Records (MX Records, C Name               Records, TXT/SPF Records, A Records)
          5. Exchange Server Provider and Enterprise E-mail               Provider
          6. Anti-virus Provider
          7. Spam Filtering Provider
          8. Identity Protection Provider (HTTPS Web Addresses,
              HTTP Web Addresses, Facebook and Twitter)
          9. Archiving Provider
         10. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Provider and               Blackberry Wireless Enterprise Sync
         11. iPhone Provider and iPhone Active Sync
         12. Android Provider and Android Active Sync
         13. Windows Mobile Provider and Windows Mobile Active

14. Ensuring server connectivity to the Internet Provider (IP).

15. Monitoring/detection/prevention of server compromise and server integrity safeguarding.

16. Monitoring and ensuring protection against unauthorized termination of server security protocols.

17. Monitoring network bandwidth, doing traffic analysis, monitoring queuing, checking for network anomalies, monitoring network upload and download speeds and making appropriate adjustments.

18. Server administration including ongoing server network* routing, mapping server network* drives, monitoring memory usage, monitoring system paging, monitoring CPU usage and monitoring temperature of server CPU, memory and motherboard.

19. Server network* address assignment, assignment and maintenance of routing protocols and routing table configuration, as well as configuration and maintenance of authentication and authorization and directory services.

20. Running diagnostic tools to detect system problems.

21. Scheduling routine maintenance tasks and notifying clients of ones pertaining to them.

22. Ensuring correct operation of all server network* hardware: Mail Servers, File servers, Proxy Servers, Application Servers, FTP Servers, Storage Servers, server gateways, server routers, server switches and hubs, intrusion detection/protection systems, archiving systems, etc.

23. Ensuring correct operation of all server software, firmware, drivers, etc. and that all configurations/settings always work with Exchange Server, client operating systems, client computers, client tablets and handhelds, client applications, wireless, as well as printers and such.

24. Ensuring overall integrity of the server and that server connectivity throughout the server local area network* (LAN) infrastructure and subsequent connectivity to the wide area network (WAN) infrastructure is always compatible with all technical considerations of the server's architecture, all third-party providers and the Internet Provider (IP) infrastructure and protocols.

25. Implementing, maintaining and updating server network* disaster prevention safeguards and disaster recovery solutions.

* Server network refers to all equipment and pathways behind the server firewall.

Quarterly Network and Security Administration

Front-End Exchange Server

1. Install Exchange Server operating system updates and upgrades.

2. Install Exchange Server application updates and upgrades.

3. Install Exchange Server security updates and upgrades.

Back-End Exchange Server

4. Install Exchange Server Information Stores updates and upgrades.

Outlook Web Access

5. Install Outlook Web Access updates and upgrades.


6. Install Firewall updates and upgrades.

Intrusion Detection System

7. Install Intrusion Detection System updates and upgrades.

Yearly Network and Security Administration

1. Client domain lease renewal.

2. Server anti-virus license renewal and installation.

3. Server anti-spam license renewal and installation.

4. Identity protection license renewal and installation.

Workstation Updates
Quarterly Operating System Updates  
Enter Here
Quarterly Application Updates  
Enter Here

Quarterly Workstation Operating System Updates*

1. Downloaded Critical Microsoft Professional Operating System updates. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

2. Downloaded Non-Critical Microsoft Professional Operating System updates. Installed, rebooted computer as needed.

3. Downloaded Security updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

4. Downloaded ActiveX updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

5. Downloaded .NET Framework updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

6. Downloaded Service Pack 3 Security updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

7. Downloaded Internet Explorer application updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

8. Downloaded Microsoft Media Player application updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed.

9. Downloaded Malicious Software Removal Tool application updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

10. Downloaded Operating System Firewall application updates for Microsoft Professional Operating System. Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.


Quarterly Workstation Application Updates*

11. Downloaded Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point,
Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote) application updates.
Installed. Rebooted computer as needed.

12. Downloaded Adobe Reader applications updates. Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

13. Downloaded Adobe Reader X application updates. Installed.
Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

14. Downloaded Adobe Flash player application updates. Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

15. Downloaded Adobe Shockwave player application updates.
Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

16. Downloaded Java application updates. Installed. Tested.
Rebooted computer as needed.

17. Downloaded Third Party Remote Access application updates.
Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

18. Downloaded Apple QuickTime player application updates.
Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

19. Downloaded Workstation Anti-virus application updates. Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

20. Downloaded Workstation Anti-phishing application updates.
Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

21. Downloaded Workstation Acess Control application updates.
Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

22. Downloaded Workstation Heuristic Protection application updates. Installed. Tested. Rebooted computer as needed.

23. Downloaded E-mail Firewall application updates. Installed.
Tested. Rebooted computeras needed.

* Please note these are workstation operating system and
application updates only. These do not include workstation
hardware updates, driver updates, BIOS updates, Registry
updates, Dynamic Link Library (DLL) updates, HTML, etc.
as they can not be anticipated and usually are not needed
unless changes are made to your system.


Infrastructure Benefits
Application Benefits

- cross-platform design centralizes your data and multi-user applications, increasing storage capacity and efficiency

Sharing - printer sharing, Internet access sharing, shared phone books, calendars, to-do's, notes, etc., file sharing reduces file duplication

Protection and Recovery - central data back-up and ensure quick recovery

Network Virus Protection - updated protection of all e-mail, files, applications, workstations, servers, etc.

Scalability - your network is built on a foundation for expansion, so it can grow as you needs do, with stackable add-on expansion, rather than starting over

Reduced Cost of Ownership - scalability of network, storage networks integrate with existing hardware

- reliable and efficient access to data and simultaneous application sharing 24/7

Protection and Recovery - files and applications are always protected and backed-up

Cost-effective - licensing saves money per user on software applications that really adds up

High Speed Internet Access - share a single inexpensive single DSL connection throughout entire home or office 24/7

Remote Networking - have secure access to data when outside the office through a modem line or over the Internet

Security - access, applications, hardware, software and data is protected

Multi-user Applications- more than one person can work in a program or application at a time

Many Other Applications Available

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